When someone join our community through one of our courses, membership or freebies they give their name and email adress. Ylva Maria Design Academy save the information in our data base in Simplero, our email provider. Simplero also follow the rules for privacy policy.

Ylva Maria Design Academy are NOT giving or selling the costumers email or name to a third part. 

Ylva Maria Design Academy does never publish something like testimonials without a persons approval.

When a person leave their name and e-mail address Ylva Maria Design Academy save that information until the person unsubscribe from the email list. Is very easy to unsubscribe and shows in each email we send out. It’s also very simple to unsubscribe from the email list by sending us an email to: info@ylvamariadesign.com. We NEVER send spam emails, only kindly emails with love and passion for Simplicity, Feng Shui and Holistic Mindset.

Ylva Maria Design Academy use Google analysis to see where from the world the website visitors comes from. That is only for our information and we never do something more about that.

We use One.com as website hostel and they follow the rules for privacy policy.

Owner: Ylva Jansson