Academy of simplicity

Take control over your home and start to succeed in your business and life



Academy of simplicity

ACADEMY OF SIMPLICITY is the only program of its kind that gives you the unique tools to get your home work for you. Once you’ve learned the simplifying tools and implemented them in your home and life you leave the stress and overwhelm behind. After that it’s time to thrive in your business.



Life soul essence
Organize a clutter-free home
Simplify your everyday life

Before I tell you about this life-changing program…

 Lets talk about Who this is really for…

You’re a dreamer...

of having an easier everyday life and once for all you would like to take control over your messy home and bring joy and happiness into your life

A single mum with teenagers...

and you’re dreaming of a beautiful home without stuff everywhere. This course will give you the very unique and useful tools to achieve you’re dreams about your home and your life

A mum with small kids...

with stuff everywhere and no time for creating a a business or a beautiful clutter-free home. This course is defenitely for you!

A business woman who works a lot...

and have no time for creating and designing the home she really want. This course will give you time to reflect over your situation, so that you can start over again and be the best version of yourself

A woman who want to be organized...

and have a well orginized home. How does it sound to be able to find everything when you need it? Academy of Simplicity will help you achieve your desire

Or just simple as...

a woman who just want to make her home to the most beautiful place and begin to feel joy and harmony in her life, so that she finally can start the business she always wanted

This course will give you…

• The confidence to take your life seriously (instead of just continue the same way your whole life)

• Nailed down your why about your stuff at home and then you’ll have the strength to get rid of things that doesn’t serve you anymore

• Got the tools for continue having a simple and healthy lifestyle the rest of your life

• More knowledge about how to organize your home and life in a simple way (instead of continue the unorganized unhealthy one)

• The knowledge of how to have a clean and simple home (instead of being stressed about all clutter in your home)

What´s included:

Life soul essence
Organize a clutter-free home
Simplify your everyday life

Module 1 - Life soul essence

Here´s where it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you. I know exactly what it takes to simplify the life and the benefits of it. I will guide you easily how you go through the whole process. In this module we´re going to start working on your life visions and how you will do this course to make your life simplified.


Be aware of your habits

Here you’ll learn how to get in touch with you habits, good and bad ones. You´ll get to know yourself better and how you may change your negative habits and increase the positive ones.

Affirmations, manifestations and your vision

Oh, I love this part so much. I’m going to teach you the benefits of what affirmations can do for you. It’s not that simple as you think , but once you’ve learn the tools you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

Create your own vision board

Now comes the funny part…to create your own personal vision board. It’s very easy and I learn you my best digital tools for making it beautiful.


Module 2 - Organize a clutter-free home

Here´s the main topic and the most important step in your process to simplify your home and life. It takes efforts to make this done, but after all you’ve implemented in module 1 this step will be so much easier. I promise you that you will give yourself a big THANK YOU after manage this module.


Get started and learn the declutter method & Create a time schedule

Here´s when I teach you the tools for making the decluttering fase. You’ll learn in an easy step by step method. You’ll also learn how to set up a time schedule.

Kitchen & Living room

Here the pace in your home where you probably are spending much time when you’re at home. Therefore it’s great to get these room clean and decluttered.

Bedroom and Children’s room

After have decluttered theese rooms you’ll feel that you can breathe fresh air again and you begin to know the benefits of a clutter-free home.

Wardrobes and Clothes

If you’ve dreamed about a beautiful wardrobe this is tha thing ;). When you have gone through your wardrobe you are ready to start build your new wardrobe styled personally for you. This is one of my favorite place to declutter.

Hall and Bathroom

These two areas in your home are the same as the first impression of your home. Then you know that here you have something to take your creative hands on.


Module 3 - Simplify your everyday life

This is where you get the knowledge of how to live a simplistic life and the benefits of that. You’ll learn different kinds of steps to take to implement simplicity into your life. After all your work in module 1 and 2 you’ll learn here how to KEEP your life clutter-free. I think you’re going to love that.


Daily routines to simplify and live in harmony

Here´s where you learn different kinds of daily routines to get on track in your everyday life.

How to live in a simple way

In this lessons you’ll get to-do-list for everything you need to accomplish your clutter-free and simplified life.

Keep focus and continue your lighter life

This is all about keeping you on track and continue your simplified life with ease. We’re gonna talk for exemple about the benefits of journaling.

Allow yourself to rest

The last lesson is made for you to get rid of stress and allow yourself to take pauses and have rest.


Light summer

When you enroll Academy of Simplicity

you´ll get:

3 incredible modules...

that gives you the valuable content, so that you can change your life and live a harmonious and simplified life

A complete step-by-step plan...

to achieve a clutter-free home and implement harmony into your life

The knowledge of continue...

your life in simplicity and health

Bonus 1 (Value 79 €):

Design your home with Feng Shui

Get started with Feng Shui  (The art of placement) will assist you in a positive direction into a harmonious home and life.

This is the incredible 6 page guide valuable and irresistible bonus you don’t want to miss! 

Bonus 2 (Value 50 €)

Weekly guided uplifting meditations


Each week you´ll get inspiring guided meditations by Ylva to help you stay focused in your simplifying journey.

You can listen as many times you wan´t and you´ll get more inspiration to do the work.

Common Q:s about Academy of Simplicity:

I´m feeling a bit overwhelmed about everything I need to do in this course. Are you sure I can do this?

YES, I´m totally sure you can do this. I have done this journey be myself and I have helped many clients too. You can do this if you´er comitted to make a life change. I know that for sure.

I´m quite new in this digital world. Are there much techs I need to know before enroll?

Not at all. Everything you need to know I show you inside the course. My platform are super easy to use, so there will be no problem for you. If you have questions you can whenever you want send me your questions by email.

What if I get stuck in my simplifying process?

You can whenever you want send me an email and ask all your questions. I get back to you as soon as possible to assist you.

How often do you release new content?

You´ll get new content uploaded in the course area once a week, so that you can work on your own path.

Can I cancel at any time?

I hope that you´re going to love Academy of Simplicity and the benefits this course have, but it if you for any reason don´t like it you can cancel within 5 days after your purchase. Just show me your work and and I´ll gladly refund you.

I´m so afraid of getting rid of my things that have belonged to my relatives. How can you help me?

I´ll teach you the tools for overcome your fears about that. Remember this: I don’t want you to get rid of stuff you like. In my course you’ll learn how you get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. 

Still thinking about it?

You should give Academy of Simplicity a 5-days risk free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


✔️ You want your life back sooooo much? I really understand you dear!

✔️ You really want to change your situation in your home and life so badly that you almost have given up. You have started to feel depressed, but I’ll tell you something. I have the solution for you to be at the other side again. 

✔️ You’re so overwhelmed over your situation that you almost has given up, but something inside you says that there most be a solution for this.

✔️ You can’t stay in the situation you’re in right now. Something has to change, so that you can start live in your fully potential. Let this opportunity be your best change you ever invested in your self.

Ylva Jansson

I have gone from overwhelm to a very simplistic life myself and my journey has totally changed my life.

I really know how it feels to overcome fears to get rid of belongings and then finally get a very harmonious home and life without any stress at all. I´ve made this program to you who have the same desires as I had long ago. 

If you’re a woman who’s looking for a change and something else in your life, this program is definitely for you. I’ve seen so many women as a Professional Feng Shui consultant who has transformed their life, so I know this really works well.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I can guarantee you that this gonna be life changing for you and your family.

I´m looking forward with my heart and soul to meet you personally inside of Academy of Simplicity.

All my love,

Ylva Jansson