Hi, I´m Ylva!

Ylva Jansson

I coach all female business owners simplify their homes and lives, so that they can thrive in their business.

The unique method is developed over my long time of experience as a Proffessional Feng Shui consultant, speacher at public events and many years as a creative textile and art teacher.

I really love to see peoples home and life transform into something new and fantastic. I also love to create homes with the touch of personality and harmony.

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New masterclasses each month. Interesting topic like Simplicity, Feng Shui and Holisitc mindset. The masterclasses will be saved, so that you can watch them whenever you want.

Live Q & A

Once a month you´ll be invited to a live Q & A where you can ask all questions you have according to our topics simplicity, Feng Shui and Holistic mindset.

Decluttering Workshops

The first week each month we have a decluttering workshop. We take it slow and you can take it on your own path. It will be fun and you´re going to feel changes directely when you put in the work. 

Design the simple life podcast

Listen to my podcast

Welcome to my podcast about Feng Shui, simplicity and health. Listen and get inspired how you can change your life and become the best version of you.

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Light summer